• “Helping individuals and couples to heal, grow, and thrive”


    Life often isn’t easy. Sometimes even the strongest of people need help to work through personal or relational challenges that we inevitably encounter. If you realize that you’ve gone as far as you can trying to change on your own, and your coping strategies aren’t working, then being resourced by a professional counselor is the next constructive step. Whether you struggle with anxiety, negative thoughts, emotional distress, relationship conflict or stuckness, or other adverse challenges, let’s journey together toward healing and restoration.

    “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
    -Carl Rogers

    In an environment of grace and support, we will collaboratively engage in a process of restoring mindful, emotional, and spiritual wholeness to your life.

    If you are ready to…

    Relinquish anxiety and stuckness

    Reclaim confidence and joy

    Restore marital satisfaction

    …then let’s chat!

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    Meet Laura Lucia, LMFT

    • I approach my counseling relationships from an attachment-based framework.

    • I’m able to integrate a Christian or spiritually relevant perspective for those on a faith journey, while also applying sound clinical interventions to those not ascribing to any particular belief system.

    • I seek to transform unproductive thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns so that clients experience a greater sense of personal agency and efficacy.  Let’s work together toward a life that’s more fulfilling and enjoyable!

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